Born in La Paz, Bolivia, I (Fabrizio Grisi (aka Fabretes)), migrated to Germany in 2015 for my studies in International Business. 
There, by causality, I discovered painting. With no school of any kind, Fabretes’ Art is based on experience, intuition, self-discovery, -teaching and -acceptance. 

I like to up-cycle old materials, boards, curtains, shirts, empty frames and basically any surface that can be painted on. I believe we need to reuse, recycle, reduce and up-cycle our belongings.

Based in Berlin, my work criticises ethical and moral evaluations that we, humans, have created and inherited throughout history and our own lives.

The main purpose is to bring light into the coexistence of good and bad, right and wrong and I attempt to understand and accept life in a different possible manner, while breaking those social, political, family related and economical structures and constructs that lie deep inside ourselves, preventing us to achieve our maximal potential.   

Lastly my work is a manifestation of the attempts to clarify the mind while engaging in the search of my personal truth and freedom.