My name is Fabrizio L. Grisi Huber, you can also call me Fabretes.
Born in La Paz, Bolivia, I migrated to Germany in 2015 where I 'studied' International Business. 

With no school of any kind, my art is based on experience, intuition, self-discovery, -teaching and -acceptance. I like to up-cycle and transform materials into art. 

Based in Berlin, my work criticises ethical and moral evaluations that we, humans, have created and inherited throughout history and our own lives. Art allows me to question the 'in-betweens' of what I believe is a polarised world (good and bad, right and wrong...). It also gives me the opportunity to break those social, political, family related and economical structures and constructs that lie deep inside ourselves while I discover my personal truth.    


Lecture notes from the 3rd. Semester of my studies in International Business